Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'd like to thank the guys from Vincebuz for sharing this album!
Live Reunion is a collaboration of the guitar players and drummers from the Brazilian bands Vincebuz and Fuzzly. This album is live recorded at the Caffeine Studio at 11-11-11. This is the information I know so far!
Live Reunion is has become a phenomenal album. These four tracks are really awesome improvised jams. This is a fantastic piece of Instrumental Heavy Rock with Stoner, Psychedelic, Doom and Drone influences. Any further words are unnecessary! Just light a fat one, sit back and... Enjoy!

Vincebuz & Fuzzly (a.k.a. VinceFuzzlyBuz) - Live Reunion (2011)

Vincebuz: MySpace & Facebook

Fuzzly: MySpace & Facebook


Renato Gimenez said...

Hey man thanks for posting this album, we´re glad! Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil, keep this blog up and high on smoke, always with news and tasty music! _Rg_vincebuz

dan said...

This is great, nice and heavy, music to smoke to.
Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Nice nice..