Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Planet On Four Legs

A big thanks to Cris from the band Dope Flood for sharing their EP!
From Larissa, Greece comes the band Dope Flood. These four guys plays Heavy Rock with Stoner, Southern and Metal influences.
According to their Facebook page, they're influenced by the following bands: Kyuss, Down, Crowbar, Hermano, Fu Manchu, Black Label Society, Alice In Chains, The Melvins, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Deep Purple.
On their debute EP named A Planet On Four Legs, presents Dope Flood three impressive tracks. The sound of these songs is pretty massive. The guitar riffs are nice and heavy, the drums and bass are solid and on top of that there are these great and raw vocals.
Dope Flood is yet another great addition to Greek Stoner scene. Enjoy!

Cris(Guitar) came up with he idea of making Dope Flood, and with the help of his friend Manos (Vocals), because they could not express themselves at the band that they were before. So they started to write down material, and progressing it by themselves. Then they started searching for a drummer and a bassist, because Cris would take care of guitars and Manos of vocals. After a lot of searching, Bill came up behind the drum kit, because he liked the music of the band very much.Then Asterios came up with the bass. The lineup was finally complete and Dope Flood were ready. Then, the band entered the studio and recorded its first demo/EP called “A Planet On 4 Legs”. The bands first Demo/EP came out March 15 2011 …Keep The Bongs Up……
(Their bio)

Dope Flood - A Planet On Four Legs (2011)

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Wild Thing said...

I listened to it yesterday, and it fucking rocks!!! Thanks Riez for spreading it, another great band to follow!