Monday, February 13, 2012

Missing In Action

From Montpellier, France comes the band Mudweiser. This quartet plays a excellent combination of Stoner Rock, Southern Rock and Hard Rock with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude. Their sound is based on the powerful vocals and the heavy guitar riffs. There is also a solid foundation of drums and bass.
The album Holy Shit is a fine collection of kick-ass and straight forward songs. My favorites are My World, Missing In Action, Hoodoo Man and the brilliant Elvis Loves Me. Enjoy!

Mudweiser - Holy Shit (2009)


Anonymous said...

Nice shit!! thanx a lot


Wild Thing said...

I encourage all followers to give an hear to that band, they kick ass and they're truly awesome in concert!
It's our best stoner band around here in France at the moment and their sexual-stoner-fueled music is fabulous!!!

Insane Riez said...

Wild Thing, these are really great words about this band! I couldn't have said it better!