Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mad At The Soul

Thanks again to the guys of Cerber for sharing this EP!
I've posted the demo Z Prochu by the Polish band Cerber last september here. Now is this trio back with therir EP Mad At The Soul. This EP is pretty much a continuation of what they have done on their demo, but with a better sound!
Cerber present again a original sounding blend of Sludge Metal, Stoner and Hardcore. Musically it is again beautifully brutal and the vocals are afresh nicely raw and rude.
These six tracks are proof of the big step forward that Cerber has made. If you have appreciated the Z Pruchu demo, you will surely like the Mad At The Soul EP! Enjoy!

Band CERBER has been created at the end of 2010 on the remains of band Parias. After the final installation in Olsztyn the bassist- Tajny joins the Wisnia/Luki duo to create the final product- trio in which CERBER lasts till now and is going to last for the time being.

CERBER plays an uncompromised blend of hardcore, stoner/sludge metal and specific, strong groove, not avoiding either melodies or a complete lack of them.

In may 2011 first demo is released- "Z Prochu" ("From Dust") which collects positive reviews as well in Poland as abroad. It is promoted by several worse or better but always energry-driven shows at warmia-masuria with occasional trips to the other parts of the country.

The newest release- 6-track EP entitled "Mad At The Soul" contains both the heaviest and simplest and the most twisted melodic stuff CERBER has ever created. It is meant to open more doors and heads, so the band could spread their hatred.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Cerber - Mad At The Soul (2012)

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