Sunday, December 4, 2011

Put Your Clothes Back On

The next contribution comes from the Costa Rican band Hongo Fuu.
Hongo Fuu is an one-man band of Félix Arburola. This guy has just released the EP Marshmallow Sleep. For the recording of this EP, Félix has collaborated with several musicians.
The description of Hongo Fuu according to Facebook is Stoner Rock / Spaghetti Western / Experimental / Acid Rock.
What I hear is an EP with a unique sound. There are several elements in the music, such as psychedelic, acoustic and atmospheric parts. All with all a freaky, but very nice EP! Enjoy!

Born 3000 years ago and resurected in 1985 Hongo Fuu, the spawn of an evil male alien and a she-demon, was destined to conquer the world and later destroy it with his powerful chords and devastating riffs… instead he decided to spare the lives of the pathetic human beings and create awesome music in hopes they reach a higher and supreme state of mind… that, plus gummy bears.
(The bio)

Hongo Fuu - Marshmallow Sleep (2011)

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