Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Drop And The Sea

Stone In is a duo from Vancouver, Canada. These guys play Heavy Stoner Rock with Psychedelic, Progressive and Post Rock influences. Their music is stunning and quite unique.
The Drop And The Sea is the title of their debut 12" single. This single is also available as free download.
Side A of this single is the title track. This song is an combination of four separate songs. Side B contains the awesome track Take A Look. This song is also subject to seventies influences. On this side there is also a bonus track called Backing In Future Days.
This 12" is a small masterpiece and I hope certainly to hear more from Stone In in the near future! Enjoy!

Stone In brings new meaning to the words 'stone' and 'in'. Held together by a common love of vintage heavies, psychedelic organisms from around the world, progressive noise making and ecstatic drone we sculpt the air around us.

Although there are many ingredients in our sonicfridge, none are more beloved than our ride cymbals, loop pedals and electric amplifiers. Canyon grooves deep and winding. High-flying guitar solos like a mermaid choir in heat.
Alberto Centurion on drums and Greg Valou on multi instruments incluiding the now-legendary double neck bass guitar.
(From their website)

Stone In - The Drop And The Sea (2011)

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Stone In said...

You rock! Thanks for posting our album on here. Al and I are stoked! For the record, here's Stone In live...

thanks again, peace!

Greg Valou from Stone In