Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Everything Can Be A Lie

I'd like to thank José from the band Killimanjaro for sharing their EP!
Killimanjaro is a new power trio from Barcelos, Portugal. This band plays energetic Heavy Rock with Stoner and Seventies influences.
Today is the release of their same titled debut EP. This EP contains seven awesome tracks. The power of Killimanjaro are the freaky bass and drum patterns in combination with stunning fuzz guitar. The singer of this band has a great voice that fits the music well.
The artwork is done by Anoik. See more of his work here.
The Killimanjaro EP is a nice piece of work that sounds raw and heavy. An excellent start by this new band! Enjoy!

''On the same town as other heavy bands such as Aspen or Black Bombaim, three normal guys from Barcelos, Portugal, decided, on April 2011, to get together a go heavy. They realized that it wouldn't be need more than a trio, a power trio. Influenced by the stoner-rock bands of today and inspired on the 70's rock era, they've just released their first EP and are hope you to bang your heads while listening''
(Their bio)

Killimanjaro - Killimanjaro EP (2011)


Anonymous said...

Nice Nice! Thanx!


José said...

Available at Ozium Records!
Check !

José (Guitar/Vocal from Killimanjaro)