Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coffin Cross

Early november I posted an article about the upcoming album Within The Witch by the New Zealand band Stone Angels with the singer Steven Bell of the band Second Gear Grind.
Well, here is that album! Within The Witch is an album with seven Sludge songs with Doom, Metal and Black influences. The music of Stone Angels is utterly heavy and rude. The riffs and rhythms are filthy and brutal.
The vocals and screams are fitting well in the sound and are very impressive. Steven Bell does show a total other side of himself compared with the work he has done with Second Gear Grind.
Within The Witch is an album that for sure will be appreciated by folks who are really into Heavy.
If you like a physical copy, send an email to the following address: (This is also the address for their PayPal account). Enjoy!

Stone Angels - Within The Witch (2011)

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