Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Train To Hell Departs From Sweden

Helltrain from Sweden claims to play Punk-Ass Rot 'n' Roll, but I think there are some more influences like Death and Thrash Metal. I guess Entombed designed the tracks for this train.
I really like the vocals, raw as hell. If you are a bit of a Metalhead, you really should try these albums.

Helltrain plays punk-ass rot n roll exclusively!
Helltrain was founded in 2002 & immediately found recognition for their original sound, mixing their previous experiences in the heavier genres like death-, thrash- & black metal with arrangements and sounds from rock n roll & punk rock music. The unique use of a Hammond organ got people to lend an ear or two. We could quote Jimmy Pop of the Bloodhound Gang on the sound: “It’s like The Misfits, but with an attitude!”
The band recorded three demo songs, “Route 666”, “Rot n roll” and “Helltrain” and send it to Nuclear Blast who signed the band immediately & Helltrain entered the studio to record the debut album “Route 666”.
The demo was later released as “The 666 ep” (limited edition 500 copies) by
Swedish underground label Heathendoom Music.
Weeks before closed down the band was on 6th place in the alternative charts.
Late 2006 saw the US release of the “Route 666” album by the Jimmy Franks Recording Company/Universal Records.
Helltrain parted ways with Nuclear Blast in 2007 and signed directly to Jimmy Franks Recording Company who sent the band into the Dug Out Studio with Daniel Bergstrand to record the new album “Rock n roll devil”. It was released in october 2008 & Helltrain recorded two videos for the new album, one for the title track and another one for the more gothic/epic sounding “Ghouls”.
In may 2009 Helltrain added two new members to the line, Mats Järnil & Mikael Sandorf from the now defunct The Duskfall are now members of the band.

The Helltrain coven is:
Pierre Törnkvist – vocals, Oskar Karlsson – drums, Patrik Törnkvist - guitar, organ, piano, Mikael Sandorf – guitar, Mats Järnil - bass

(From the website)

Rock 'n' Roll Devil (2008)

Route 666 (2004)

Sing Along!

What l love about to sing this song is the rhythm that it makes
It keeps me all night long, and l just wanna burst:
l'm with the devil and life is my thirst

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