Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Psychedelic Stoner From Portugal

Yeah folks, I'm in a psychedelic mood.
The Rising Sun Experience from Portugal is a Psychedelic Stoner Band and I like them very much. This album is released at Sonic Infusion Records, they have some more great releases.
Try this one for yourself and enjoy.

The name The Rising Sun Experience was chosen in homage to the guitar player Jimi Hendrix, for his important musical influence in countless funk and rock bands.
Tiago Jónatas ( sound engineer and a multifaceted musician ) and Alexandre Lopes (an old-time hardcore-rocker guitar player ) had already performed together in other musical projects and bands like New Winds, in which they were responsible for music composition, recording and mixing of the album “A Spirit Filled Revolution” edited and launched in 2004 by the Polish recording label Refuse Records.

In August 2006 and after their New Winds chapter, it became clear the yearning to go back to the origins of the 70’s rock and to mix several musical tendencies such as funk, grunge, blues, electronic and progressive style.
It was in this period of their career, that the desire to record an EP became a priority even before going on stage and playing alive. To make this dream possible, the drummer Daniel Matias and the vocalist Nelson Dias joined the band and the mini-album “Under The same Sun” started to take its first steps and to become a reality.
António Lopes Gonçalves on organ and Tiago Romão (Cacique 97, Philharmonic Weed) on Percussion joined the band as guests for the recording sessions.

In 2008, Alexandre Lopes decides to leave the band and the guitar player Nuno Cardinho enters. António Lopes Gonçalves on organ and the drummer Nuno Oliveira join the band as full-time members
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The Rising Sun Experience - Under The Same Sun (2009)


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