Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Pretty Weapons

I have to thank Anthony Yankovic for sending me this one. The Pretty Weapons from Ohio, U.S.A. is a band that did play some 70's Hardrock with some Psychedelic and Space influences. This CD is from 2006 and was only sold at the band's shows.
The music of The Pretty Weapons is really great. The combination bass and drums reminds me very much of Roger Glover and Ian Paice from Deep Purple. My favourite song from this album is Snakebite. This album is a recommended one. Try and see for yourself.

The artwork at this album is made by Anthony Yankovic. Visit his
website to see some more great stuff.
Short lived psychedelic rock band from Columbus, Ohio self-released this album in 2006. A perfect mixture of Budgie, Pink Floyd, and UFO 1. Adam Smith, guitarist and vocalist of Deadsea, contributes a killer organ solo to the track "Siren's Song."
(From the notes included in the file)

The Pretty Weapons - The Pretty Weapons (2006)

Bandmembers with links:

Guitars -
Matt Aux
Drums -
Brandon Smith
Vocals and Bass -
Matt McKernan
Organ on "Siren's Song" -
Adam Smith


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Same band two versions later, different Matt on bass, heeeeeaaaaaaaaavvvvyyyyyyy!!!!

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