Monday, July 6, 2009

New Album Of Gran Cuervo

A time a go I posted the demo from Argentinia's Gran Cuervo. This one is their debute album I guess. But I can assure you this is a great album. There's some more Psychedelic and Space Rock inflences here.

The Polissessions were recorded during January 2009 at Marcos Conte's place, a.k.a. The Poli, Gran Cuervo's drummer. We will post them along as they get finalized. The beautiful graphics were drawn by Agostina Pazzia. The recording was made by Manuel Platino. The mixing and mastering was done in conjunction with Fernando Quintella (from Human Garbage) y Fernando Bozzini (from Miasma). Vol.1 in particular has the participation of Fernando Amaya in vocals and Gastón Hermann in sax.
(From Zannmusic Records)

Gran Cuervo - Polisessions Vol.1 (2009)

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Manuel said...

Hi Riez:

Thanks for posting our record.
Actually there is an English version of the release with some more information on Zann's Music page ( We are making the record in CDR, we don't have the money for anything else for now.
Check the band's page, in Spanish (