Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Shepherd Has Stopped Barkin'

Duitse Herder (Dutch for German Shepherd) from Leiden, NL is a Sex Punk combo with two insane female singers. Every show was a total madness mess-up. They were really climbing on everything. To bad this band quitted. They released one vinyl 10" EP and these two EP's.

Having barely survived the vicious attack of a German Shepherd & being marked with the kiss of Death, Hester Childmolester could do nothing else but bow before the powers of the mighty Dog & swear eternal dedication to the forth bringing of the dog-fearing cult in honour of the mighty Shepherd.
As years went by, with the worldwide search of worthy followers slowly driving her to insanity, she almost gave up until she miraculously realized she hadn't looked in her own backyard...and yes! There they were, the rest of the pack, ready to leap onto debauchery's lap pissing on all what's law & order.
This is how three pedigree dogs & 2 equally regal bitches joined forces to give shape to a new breed of rock'n'roll, the barking mad, fierce & feared Duitse Herder! Untrained, untamed, guided by pure instinct, these bitches deliver a raw bite of nitro-fuelled-high-octane r'n'r!
Riding Satan's leg & backed by the most ferocious trio that ever escaped a kennel, they form a combo that will rip everything you thought to be sacred to pieces, leaving you behind with a bite in your guts.
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Hester Childmolester: Vocals
Romylar Dee: Vocals
Kuit Kibbeling: Guitar
Lammy Langlever: Bass (Later replaced by Trees Tupperware)
Barry The Hatchet: Drums

Blitzkrieg Bark (2005)


Bark At The Poon (2004)

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