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Another band that is no more. Duster 69 from Germany has made some good Stoner Rock albums.

The first sign of life from Duster69 was back in 1999 the release of a split 7" which became single of the month at the leading US stoner rock label/mag METEOR CITY. In the same year the debut CD was released.
Both outputs were sold out in a short period. The follow-up in 2000 simply was called "II". 2001 with Lucki a new singer and with Fio a second guitar player joined the band and at the end of 2002 Duster69 released a split 10" with the leading Swedish stoner rock band THE AWESOME MACHINE again on Daredevil Records. The same split is available since February 2003 on CD (with a Duster69 bonus track) at Fluid Groove/MGM in Australia and Bellaphon in Europe.

DUSTER 69 did a lot of shows in Germany and the Netherlands with bands like Sixty Watt Shaman (USA), Karma to burn (USA), Sunride (Finnland), Dozer (Schweden), Mammoth Volume (Schweden), WE (Norway), El Caco (Norway), and in 2002 they also got the opportunity to play at the most important European stoner rock festival,STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND. A German tour followed in 2003 with Magnified Eye (Denmark) and Zerocharisma (Finland). In 2004 they did a tour with the Swedish bands Hell..n..Diesel and Sparzanza. In 2005 with Mother Misery (Sweden) and on some festivals with EKTOMORF (Hungary), THE BONES (Sweden) and SMOKE BLOW (Germany)

In 2004 the album RIDE THE SILVER HORSES has been recorded within 3 months at Freakstone Studio and got mastered at West West Side Music in New Jersey/USA by ALAN DOUCHES! It is available in Europe via Daredevil Records / Meisterbetrieb / Soulfood / Sony.

In October 2005 another split CD with the Swedish rockers from RICKSHAW got released via WUCK Records/Italy.

In February 2007 the fourth output, ANGEL KING, available through SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS (Greece) and DECIBELL RECORDS / RADAR MUSIC. It contains 9 songs and got mastered by Tobbe Bövik (The Awesome Machine, On Parole) in Gothenburg / Sweden.

John Hermansen, longtime friend and singer of MOTHER MISERY / STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA / AWESOME MACHINE, wrote the lyrics for GOING INTO RED and did the vocals on that track too! It was released on a limited (666 copies) Vinyl single with ex-UNIDA members, now called HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES. GOING INTO RED got released as a CD EP too in August 2007, containing 2 versions of the title track and 2 unreleased live songs from 2003.

March 2008 the record label from Greece, SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS, released a 76 minute compilation with unreleased, rare, liverecording and new stuff from Duster 69. It contains guest vocals from the singers of DISENGAGE, CALAMUS, SPARZANZA and MOTHER MISERY. The artwork was done by Ralf from the legendary DAREDEVIL MAGAZINE.

After 9 years, 4 full-length CDs, 4 professional video-clips, 4 Splits and Vinyl Singles and a lot of compilation contributions (Rock Hard Magazine Germany, People Like you Stoner compilation to mention a few) the guys decided on the 13/08/2008 to end the chapter of Duster69.

We are still proud about the last years and we want to thank all the fans and supporters from 1999-2008.

We say THANK YOU and you can order our farewell compilation NOTHING LEFT (unreleased and rare stuff from 1999-2008, fat full-coloured artwork, linernotes, guests appearances from Calamus, Disengage, Sparzanza, Mother Misery, Stonewall Noise Orchestra) for only 6 Euros right now.

We 4 still rehearse and jam in our Studio, so far only to have fun, and maybe you will hear new music under a new name in the future.
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Ride The Silver Horse (2004)

Angel King (2007)


Going Into Red EP (2007)

Nothing Left (Rare & Unreleased Stuff 1999-2007)

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