Saturday, January 17, 2009

An 80's Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Bull Dyke Rodeo is an Instrumental Stoner Doom band from the U.S.A. They claimed to be influenced by Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall and Robocop. What I hear is good Stoner Doom with Metal elements like High On Fire.

Born and raised in the IL/IA/WI Tri-State area, bull dyke rodeo was conceived in August of 2004. After four years together, we have played shows across the midwest, as well as released a full-length album, JAILBREAK. We've shared the stage with national acts such as Droids Attack, Imperial Battlesnake, Bible of the Devil, Tight Phantomz, Lamont, Black Cobra, The Horde, and The Tanks. We are a doom/stoner rock band with technical skill, big grooves, and huge riffs. Our material ranges from sludge stomping to doom jamming. We tune down and turn up.
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Jailbreak (2007)

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