Monday, August 10, 2009

So It Goes

Nebula from L.A. does not need any introduction. I just had the urge to post Atomic Ritual. I guess that everyone knows this album, but I had to post it because it's one of the best Stoner albums ever! If you don't, check it now.
By the way, I like that bonus track version of Atomic Ritual more.

"Atomic Ritual is unquestionably a bold statement that Nebula are BACK! The band sounds like they are having fun again, and are not afraid to meander a bit into “jam” territory. This record is a good balance between To The Center’s multi-instrumental layering and the straightforward rocking of Charged, with some truly memorable riffs being dealt in the process. The sitar, sadly, has not returned, but I imagine the band wanted to keep things relatively concise for live performance consideration."

"Perhaps the most exciting facet of this album is the guitar work of Eddie Glass…he really rips it up, soloing like a madman. He sounds like he has something to prove, and I’ll go on record as being very much convinced! The riffs are also HEAVY, among the heaviest they have ever done. And while Nebula have never been known for deep, obtuse lyrics, this is another element that has improved from the last album.

This album is a mandatory purchase for any degree of Nebula fan, and would make an ideal purchase for a newcomer."

( By Toka from

Nebula - Atomic Ritual (2003)

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