Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fly On With These Canadian Stoners

Sea Of Green is a Psychedelic Stoner band from Toronto, Canada with some 70's Hard Rock influences. Time To Fly is their second from three albums. This is enjoyable listening stuff when you smoked some "Sea Of Green" (Even if you didn't!) Their version of Pink Floyd's Breathe is very nice!

Sea of Green's live shows -- with their liquid lights, incense, smoke machines, and pyrotechnics -- evoke the heaviness of the early '70s as much as their monstrous, riffed-out, and slightly skewed music. With a sound that draws logical connections between Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, the band produces a head-trip of seriously psychedelic stoner rock. Sea of Green formed in 1999 in Toronto, Canada, when bassist Eric Kuthe (whose parents used to run a rock club in Toronto in the '70s that played plenty of Sabbath, Hendrix, and Grand Funk Railroad) and drummer Chris Bender got together with guitarist Travis Cardinal to jam. Cardinal took over vocal duties and the band began to write songs, citing influences as varied as the Queens of the Stone Age, Cream, and Oasis. They released their first EP, Northern Lights, on the Music Cartel label in July of 2000. The band completed their first full-length in late 2000 at the Chalet in Toronto. Time to Fly, produced by Nick Blagona of Nazareth and Deep Purple fame, and which includes a mind-bending cover of Pink Floyd's "Breathe," secured Sea of Green as one of the leading purveyors of psychedelic metal. On their latest album, Chemical Vacation, drummer Matt Dowd was introduced to the line-up. Due to obvious drug references in many of their lyrics, Sea of Green are largely classified as stoner rock.
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Like I've said in the "Northern Lights" review, the full-length will show the qualities of this Canadian band and after a lot of spins in my player I must admit, that "Time To Fly" is a high-quality debut. The album includes eleven tracks and a fine cover-version of Pink Floyd's "Breathe". There's still this British-sounding influence in a few of the songs, especially vocalwise. And this time I don't think of Sabbath, it's more in the Psychedelic vein. But I won't say, that SEA OF GREEN are a Psych-Rock band or a Doom band. They are playing classic 70's influenced heavy Rock, that's very catchy, melancholic and positive in words and sound. And they aren't trying to imitate todays boring cliches (you know what I mean!). "Time to Fly" ranges from softer tracks to hard-rocking stuff and so it doesn't belong to the sort of albums, where you think that you've listen only to one long song. Everything is arranged very well and the production of Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Nazareth, The Police) just fits. This isn't a groundbreaking album, but it's very solid and the more you listen to it the more you'll like it. It was released in 2001 on Rise Above Records and on The Music Cartel. If you want to know more about SEA OF GREEN, check out their homepage.
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Sea Of Green - Time To Fly (2001)

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