Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Much Time To Lose

Birth Of Joy is a power trio from Holland. These guys play a mix of Sixties Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues and Grunge. Their main weapon is the incredible Hammond organ. Together with the guitars and drums, they've created an awesome sound. Beside that there are also these great vocals.
Their full length debut called Life In Babalou is an outstanding album with ten songs.
The sound of Birth Of Joy reminds me a lot of another great dutch band named De Wolff.
If you're interested in some more of this fantastic band, then you can stream their same titled EP at their Bandcamp site. Enjoy!

Birth Of Joy - Life In Babalou (2012)


yeoldstinkeye said...

hey, thanks man.

Clobyn said...

Great stuff! Cheers!

Vasily Zaytsev said...

Very nice album, thanx!

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Thanks!

Btw, at last someone wants to play stonerish rock and knows how to sing...


No Title said...

fantastic opus.
I order the LP some minuts ago via
Patrick (France)
I'm not a robot

Anonymous said...

Can't download because of invalid link